The Student Honor Code Office is poised to help students become successful through their academics and leadership involvement. It is the Mission of the Mississippi State University Student Honor Code Office to support the mission of the Division of Student Affairs by coordinating efforts to promote academic integrity as well as reduce academic misconduct. The Student Honor Code Office further seeks to promote integrity and honesty both inside and outside of the classroom. The Student Honor Code Office functions to:

  • Promote academic integrity
  • Assist in reducing academic misconduct
  • Oversee all activities of the Student Honor Code Council
  • Coordinate training on academic integrity and academic misconduct for students and faculty
  • Monitor all relevant data pertaining to academic misconduct
  • Convey the importance of ethical standards through public awareness campaigns
  • Oversee all functions of the Examination Proctoring Program
  • Assess the effectiveness of intervention strategies designed to promote academic integrity
  • Serve as the central office responsible for maintaining records and for coordinating communication, prevention, training, remediation, and adjudication efforts for all cases of academic misconduct at MSU
  • Serve as a resource to faculty and students by assisting them in navigating the University‚Äôs Process and Procedures

Promoting academic integrity involves much more than adjudicating cases of alleged academic misconduct. It also requires an institutional wide effort to promote academic integrity through preventive programming as well as providing students with remediation steps to deter future academic misconduct violations.

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