Our Staff

  • Tabor Mullen - Assistant Dean of Students, Director of the Student Honor Code
  • Taylor Deer - Coordinator of the Student Honor Code

Council Membership (Faculty)

Name College Department Years
Dr. Rebecca Smith Ag & Life Sciences Agricultural Economics 7th
Dr. Jay McCurdy Ag & Life Sciences Plant and Soil Sciences 1st
Dr. Kirk Swotzel Ag & Life Sciences Human Sciences 3rd
Dr. Alicia Hall Arts & Sciences Philosophy & Religion 1st
Lt Nicholas Charney Arts & Sciences Aerospace Studies 1st
Dr. Andrew Mercer Arts & Sciences Geosciences 1st
Dr. Kristina Hood Arts & Sciences Psychology 1st
Dr. Raymond Barranco Arts & Sciences Sociology 3rd
Dr. Shane Miller Arts & Sciences Anthropology 1st
Ms. Emily Cain Arts & Sciences Communication 4th
Dr. Chris Brooks Arts & Sciences Biology 4th
Dr. Peter De Gabriele Arts & Sciences English 3rd
Ms. Cheryl Chambers Arts & Sciences Communication 4th
Ms. Courtney Dueitt Arts & Sciences English 3rd
Dr. Janet Donaldson Arts & Sciences Biology 7th
Dr. Holly Johnson Arts & Sciences English 6th
Dr. Jerry Emison Arts & Sciences Public Policy and Administration 6th
Dr. Donald Shaffer Arts & Sciences English 4th
Dr. Lindsey Peterson Arts & Sciences Sociology 3rd
Dr. Melissa Moore Business Marketing/Business Law 7th
Dr. Mike Highfield Business Finance & Economics 6th
Mr. Alex bostic CAAD Art 3rd
Dr. Angi Bourgeois CAAD Art 7th
Dr. Joey Burt CVM CVM 3rd
Dr. Jim Cooley CVM Pathology 7th
Dr. Diana Eubanks CVM CVM 2nd
Dr. Sharon Grace CVM Clinical Sciences 4th
Dr. Jack Smith CVM CVM 3rd
Dr. Andrea Varela-Stokes CVM CVM 3rd
Dr. Kenneth Anthony Education Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education 1st
Dr. Richard Human Education Music 1st
Dr. Laith Mazahreh Education Counseling & Educational 1st
Dr. Mabel Okojie Education Instructional Systems & Workforce Development 1st
Mr. John Brocato Engineering Dean's Office 7th
Dr. Jenny Du Engineering Electrical & Computer 6th
Dr. Alta Knizley Engineering Mechanical Engineering 1st
Dr. Keith Koenig Engineering Aerospace 6th
Dr. Robert Reese Engineering Electrical & Computer 6th
Dr. Filip To Engineering Ag & Biological 6th
Dr. Erdem Topsakal Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering 3rd
Dr. Bryon Williams Engineering Computer Science and Engineering 3rd
Dr. Brian Davis Forest Resources Wildlife, Fisheries, & Aquaculture 1st
Dr. Ian Munn Forest Resources Forestry 6th
Dr. Scott Roberts Forest Resources Forestry 6th
Dr. Randy Rousseau Forest Resources Extension 1st
Dr. Deborah Lee Library Library 7th
Dr. Bob Wolverton Library Library 3rd

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Council Membership (Students )

Name College Classification
Lauren-Colby Lindley Ag & Life Sciences Graduate
Patrick Exmeyer Ag & Life Sciences Graduate
Allen (Boyd) Hardy CVM Graduate
Cameron Volpe CVM Graduate
Matt Ryan CVM Graduate
Michael (Brett) Lee CVM Graduate
Nicole Poston CVM Graduate
Pearce Sloan CVM Graduate
Hunter Lovvorn Engineering Graduate
Kyle Johnson Engineering Graduate
Joe Marty Forest Resources Graduate
Amber Bennett Arts & Sciences Junior
Isaac Lias Arts & Sciences Junior
Jamelle Vance Arts & Sciences Junior
Lachelle Vance Arts & Sciences Junior
Victoria Tatum Arts & Sciences Senior
Arnelle Woods Arts & Sciences Senior
Jamie Aron Arts & Sciences Senior
Margaret (Daisy) Grant Arts & Sciences Senior
Reg Hawkins Arts & Sciences Senior
Caitlin Henley Arts & Sciences Senior
Catrell Johnson Arts & Sciences Senior
Bianca Tatum Business Senior
Marshall Scruggs Business Senior
Roderick Erby Business Senior
Timothy (Eli) Scott Business Senior
Roderick Davis Education Senior
Austin Grace Engineering Senior

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