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About Us

Our office is here to help students be successful in their academics and leadership involvement. It is the mission of the Student Honor Code Office to support the mission of Student Affairs by coordinating efforts to promote academic integrity as well as reduce academic misconduct.


Ethical and honorable conduct in academic research pursuits is critical to the foundational ideals of Mississippi State University. The Student Honor Code serves to develop the whole student by articulating those ideals, defining the expectations of conduct, and formulizing protocols for applying outcomes for academic misconduct. This office has the responsibility for coordinating efforts to promote academic integrity and to reduce and control academic misconduct.

Our Mission


Our staff is committed to providing an excellent experience for each student at Mississippi State University by ensuring the Student Honor Code process is correctly and consistently facilitated as outlined in the Student Honor Code Procedures. Faculty and students should contact the Student Honor Code Office with any questions or concerns about the Student Honor Code.

Our Staff

Honor Code Board

The Student Honor Code Council is actively involved in developing and enforcing standards pertaining to academic integrity. One key opportunity for current students and faculty is to serve as a member of the Student Honor Code Council. Council members not only serve as panel members during hearings of alleged Student Honor Code violations, but also communicate and promote the Honor Code to the Mississippi State University Community. Please contact us if you are a student or faculty member interested in working with the Student Honor Code Office in this capacity.

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The Student Honor Code Office annually compiles and publishes statistics regarding academic misconduct cases.

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