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The Student Honor Code Office is responsible for coordinating efforts to promote academic integrity and to reduce academic misconduct. The Office oversees all activities of the Student Honor Code Council to include the coordination of student and faculty training on academic integrity/misconduct, the management and organization of all procedural requirements of adjudicating academic misconduct, and the promotion of academic integrity.

The Student Honor Code Office is the central office maintaining records and providing assistance with academic integrity/misconduct cases. Any member of the university community should call the Student Honor Code Office staff for clarification and assistance with alleged violations of the Student Honor Code.


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The Mississippi State University Academic Integrity Assessment Committee reviewed honor codes from various institutions across the country as best practices in developing this Student Honor Code. Particular acknowledgment is extended to the University of Maryland-College Park, Kansas State University, Texas A&M University, Duke University, Western Michigan University and The University of Colorado-Boulder for the inspiration and guidance that their honor codes provided to the work of the Academic Integrity Assessment Committee (specific references are noted at the end of the document).