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Filing An Appeal

A student found responsible for academic misconduct may request an appeal in writing within five (5) university business days after notification of the original hearing panel’s decision.

Basis of appeal

For an appeal to be considered valid, one or more of the following reasons must be cited and appropriately supported in the written request for appeal:

  1. Substantial new evidence not available at the time of the original hearing.
  2. Procedural irregularities.
  3. The finding of responsibility is inconsistent with the facts presented in the hearing.


You must appeal in writing to the Director of the Student Honor Code. The Student Honor Code Director will evaluate the written request for appeal to determine whether an appeal hearing is warranted. An appeal will only be considered for one of the aforementioned reasons.



If the appeal is granted, an Appeal Hearing Panel is formed following the same procedures as your original hearing. The members of the Appeal Hearing Panel shall be different than the members of the original hearing panel. Students are limited to one appeal per case. The decision of the Appeal Hearing Panel is final.



Please refer to the following forms and procedures when preparing your appeal. 

Appeal Request Form

Honor Code Operating Procedures