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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the violations in the Student Honor Code?

The violations in the Student Honor Code are: Cheating, Plagiarism, Academic Fraud, Complicity, Multiple Submissions, Fabrication, Falsification, and Violation of Dept/College Rules.

What are some of the Honor Code outcomes?

The outcomes for an Honor Code violation vary per case. Some of the Honor Code outcomes are a Zero on the Assignment, the AIP, Lowered Final Course Grade, XF, Probation, and Suspension.


Will a record in the Student Honor Code Office keep my student from getting into medical school, graduate school, etc.?

An Academic misconduct record does not automatically exclude a student from further study, jobs, etc. It does depend on the type of severity of misconduct in which a student is involved. Again, we will only release information about a student’s academic misconduct record as permitted by federal law. If the student authorizes a release of their record, it will be provided to whomever they request. Case records are expunged five years following the date of the student’s graduation.


How do I begin the reporting process?

To begin the reporting process, please contact the Honor Code office to do a prior violation check on the student suspected of academic misconduct.


Can the grade of an XF be removed from a student's transcript?

The "X" can be removed upon completion of the AIP; however, the F will stay on the transcript.